As one could imagine, running a Family Business comes with a fair share of blessings and challenges.  Norman Hannoush, Owner of Hannoush Jewelers and client of EXEControl Global Solutions for the past 16 years provided EXEControl Global Solutions with an interview (virtually) to give everyone some perception into what running a family business looks like.

Hannoush Jewelers first started in 1980. Norman shared, “We started in 1980, we opened our first store in Chicopee Massachusetts, and we have been going ever since. Adding one store at a time” September 29th will be their 40-year anniversary. As Norman describes, “We started with eight brothers and now each of us has our own enterprise of a few jewelry stores (ten or twelve stores each). We each have our children working within our own businesses. So, I have my three sons. One is full time with Hannoush Jewelers and the others are part time. The rest of my brothers have the same situation, where some of the children are working and others are in different fields. So, we have plenty of Hannoush’s working in the enterprise.” Between the 8 brothers they have 36 children. Norman thinks that having a family business as an option for the children to work for is a blessing for his whole family.

Norman loves owning a family business but for him the best aspect of owning a family business is working with family. Norman said, “Even when we are at home we are talking about business. What can make the business better? So, we always have something to talk about together. We have the same likes and dislikes.” Despite the many benefits of having a family run business, there are some challenges. Norman said, “The most challenging is making sure our employees project the same love for the customers that our family does. So, we are always trying to make sure that our employees are acting in the same manner and for the most part they are. I am very happy for that. That is how we can grow the company. We cannot grow it just from the family. So, we need to count on our loyal employees. We have some employees that have been with us over 30 years.” Hannoush Jewelers appreciates their employees and strive to make it a great place for people to work.

Hannoush Jewelers has struggled with the affects of COVID-19 on their business but has also seen many positives come out of COVID-19 for their family life. Norman said, “It put us out of business for three months. We were closed from mid-March to mid-June practically. So, I am sure all the employees got the rest they needed and then some. It brought positives for our family life. We were able to eat at the same table for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We were able to have time to spend together and break bread together. But the challenge had been bringing in the revenue. There was no revenue stream coming in. So, we are dealing with it right now. We are trying to negotiate better terms with landlords, and vendors. Plus, the customers have been coming to the store. Thankfully, we have been doing better since we reopened.”

Thank you, Hannoush Jewelers, for being a loyal customer of EXEControl Global solutions for so many years. Thank you, Norman, for providing EXEControl with an interview. We hope that Hannoush Jewelers can continue to grow and encourage strong family values among the business world.