Michelle McKenzie, Director of Software Services, started working at EXEControl Global Solutions on June 21, 1993. She started right out of college and now has 27 years of experience under her belt.

Despite having been at EXEControl for so long, her day to day experience has not become routine. In fact, Michelle feels like she continues to learn new things every day at EXEControl. Michelle said, “I have learned a lot. I have learned a lot about business. I have learned a lot about software and different industries.” She attributes the learning to the continuously evolving computer industry.

When Michelle first started at EXEControl, it looked very different than it does today. Michelle said, “Well everything is in flux. We have different clients and the technology we are using is different… The biggest change with our software is that we used to try to have everything contained within EXEControl that a user would want and now we do a lot of external interfaces.” Not only is this a physical change but it is also a change in the company’s philosophy. Michelle says, “That is a big change in philosophy that we have had over the years.” She summarizes this change of philosophy as a shift from keeping everything within EXEControl to allowing EXEControl to be a shareable company. This has allowed EXEControl to add a lot of nice features for its customers.

Throughout her years though, one thing has never changed. EXEControl continues to provide Michelle with an exciting work environment that has plenty of variety. This in fact is Michelle’s favorite part about working at EXEControl. Michelle says, “You get to work in all different parts of the system. You might be working in accounts payable in the morning and then you are doing something with time clock in the afternoon. That has kept it interesting for me. You are always working on a different aspect of the system.”

During the constant changes in her daily work routine, she has held on to several special memories from her time at EXEControl. When asked for her favorite memory, Michelle said, “I have lots of nice memories. We have had lots of nice outings and that sort of thing. I guess the most touching one was when all those guys threw me a baby shower when I had Michael. That was something I never expected. The office when I had my son threw me a baby shower. It was very touching.”

Outside of work, Michelle has a lot of hobbies. Michelle said, “I am a creator so I like to make things. So, I quilt. I crochet. I do family history. I make websites.” Michelle is extremely creative and talented. She has done many quilting and crocheting projects for family and charities. Since COVID-19, she has been sewing homemade masks and giving them away to family and friends.

If Michelle could only eat one food for the rest of her life, she would eat pizza under one stipulation, the toppings could change daily. If she had to be stranded on a deserted island but her human needs were taken care of, she would take with her a radio and a phone so she could talk to people.

Lastly, Michelle shared, “I started with EXEControl when I graduated. I had some internships before but I really liked the feel of the company. It is a pretty nice tight-knit team working towards the same goal. Our clients have been nice to work with too. Nice people within the company and outside the company make it a nice place to be.”

Thank you, Michelle, for your 27 years of commitment to EXEControl. You have been such a valuable member of the EXEControl team! EXEControl hopes to have many more years with you. If you see Michelle around, make sure to say congratulations!

Michelle McKenzie Employee of the Month