As of December 2020, Jennifer Mazzariello, the office manager, will have been at EXEControl 15 years. Throughout these years, she has been an extremely valuable member of the EXEControl community.

During her time at EXEControl, Jennifer has learned many things. Jennifer said, “With the position that I have with the company, I really touch all the aspects of the system. I learned a lot, even though I didn’t go to school for it, of networking tips along the way because I work very closely with the networking department about quoting. So, a lot of this stuff I did not really know before.” She previously had no idea what to look for when quoting different equipment. Now, she knows different components of the PCs and what to look for when quoting. Jennifer said, “Because I do a lot of the purchasing and the quoting, I have to pick up on it and know that stuff in order to make recommendations for the clients.”

Jennifer must continue to learn new things about technology because the field is changing so rapidly. Jennifer says, “I think as the years have gone by the company has grown as far as adapting to the new technology that people are looking for. So, I feel like we do a really good job with keeping up with the latest and greatest things that our clients want. I think that we are constantly adapting and learning all the new stuff that is being offered out there.”

This constant change excites Jennifer. In fact, her favorite part about the job is the variety in her day to day work schedule. Jennifer said, “I really like how each day at least for me is different. I typically never do the same thing day in and day out because I am in so many different areas. It really keeps my job interesting.” She feels like she never gets bored at work and always has something new to do.

In addition to having an engaging job, Jennifer feels as though she has a good work environment and boss. Jennifer said, “Over the 15 years, I have gotten married. I have had 3 kids. [Allan Robison, the president of EXEControl] has been through all that with me. He has been great about understanding everything that one person goes through in a personal aspect. That has really been wonderful because I know a lot of companies that just do not really care.” This makes Jennifer feel respected not just for what she does at work but who she is outside of work.

The company outings have provided Jennifer with memories from work outside of the day-to-day labor. Jennifer said, “All the company summer outings that we do are all memorable in their own way. I can remember every detail of every one that we have done. I think it has been really great to get that downtime as a company, have our families there, have people interact and catch up with each other every year. We do not really have a lot of down time during the workday cause everybody is so crazy busy. So, it just gives us all a day to just hang out and do something different together that we might not normally do.” In addition to enjoying the company summer outings, Jennifer has also been in charge of planning and scheduling them. Therefore, she has been intimately involved with providing this valuable time for the EXEControl employees to relax.

Outside of work, Jennifer is a mother of three boys but still makes time for some hobbies. Jennifer said, “I really like creating things. I really like doing gift baskets for people. I have a cricut machine. So, I really do like making personalized items especially for the kids. I have done shirts for them for their birthdays or school events. I have done different personalization water bottles or cups. I really like creating and designing that.” She just finished a recent project where she personalized wine glasses for all of her mom friends that said, “I survived homeschool 2020” since all the school was virtual. She also made cups for all her nieces and nephews who had to graduate virtually.

If Jennifer could only eat one food for the rest of her life it would be pasta. She attributes this to her Italian lineage. If she had to be shipwrecked on a deserted island but all her human needs were taken care of, she would take her husband and kids. She has two reasons for bringing them. First, she loves them but secondly, she does not want to be alone for that long. Jennifer said, “I like my downtime but I do not like it for too long. So, I definitely would have to bring them.”

Lastly, Jennifer shared, “I have a lot of friends and family that work for larger corporations and you just lose something there, which isn’t for me. [At EXEControl] You know I just like that aspect that everybody knows a little bit about each other, enough that you can hold a personal conversation. And then when you are struggling with personal issues or situations Allan understands it. A lot of times he can relate to it and if he cannot relate to it, he finds a way. I have seen him throughout the years do that for different employees that have been going through emotional or personal things. He has really stuck by them. Where a lot of owners can just be like if you cannot fully do your job, you can leave. But he has personal level of care for what each and everyone of us has gone through.”

Thank you, Jennifer, for your nearly 15 years of service at EXEControl Global Solutions. You have been a truly irreplaceable member of the team. We are so grateful for all you bring to the EXEControl community.

Jennifer Mazzariello Employee of month