Session Topics

Session One: 9:00 – 10:00


Microsoft Office 365 Collaboration – Presented by: Craig Kimbrough & Mark DiPofi


How can companies benefit from using Microsoft Teams? Microsoft Teams enables companies to chat, hold online meetings with video conferencing, share files, manage projects and work flows, all within one single application. Here we will demonstrate how we use Microsoft teams to collaborate with other groups and/or companies.


EXEControl on All Your Screens – Presented by: Christopher McCoy


As the capability of modern devices grows, wouldn’t it be convenient to have access to EXEControl on your mobile device and your tablet? EXEControl’s new features allow you to access your business from anywhere. Keep tabs on cash flow, sales, production, and more, from any device. Ideal for owners, salespeople, managers, or anyone who needs easy access and real-time data. This session will demonstrate the new standard mobile features of EXEControl.


Web-based Customer Portals – Presented by: Beth Moeller, IMC


We are approaching the year 2020, and by now everyone should have a web-based customer portal. The reality is that it is not that hard to create. EXEControl’s data can be made accessible, bi-directional, to your website. That is the easy part; the hard part is how to make a user-friendly and safe site that can be used by your customers. To assist your efforts, EXEControl Global Solutions has asked Beth Moeller, a leading expert in the field of website development, to come and share tips for a user-friendly and safe customer portal site.


Keynote Speaker: 10:00 – 11:00


How to Gain the Upper Hand – Presented by: Matt Episcopo, Leadership and Communication Expert


Gain the Upper Hand: World class training in Leadership, Communication, Relationship Building, Negotiation, Body Language and Persuasion. Learn the secrets behind identifying and decoding non-verbal behavior. Gain the insight needed to be more effective and tactful in your interactions with others. Build the credibility, trust and solid relationships necessary in order to get others to say “yes” to your ideas, products, and services.


Session Two: 11:00 – 12:00


Network Security – Presented by: Matthew Lucas & Brandyn Paullin


Network Security is the practice of preventing and protecting against unauthorized intrusions into corporate environments and networks. We will be covering common practices that allow you to take the necessary physical and software preventative measures to protect your business. Taking the proper security measures will help protect your corporate infostructure and prevent the loss of hard-earned time and money that is invested into reacting to these malicious attacks. As we hear more instances of cyber-attacks every day, it is our goal to share with each user how proper preventions can be taken to keep your business from becoming another statistic we hear about on the nightly news. You worked hard for your business, why not learn to protect it?


Integrating Customer Communications – Presented by: Krzysztof Wolcz


EXEControl’s Customer Relationship Center is a feature for managing all your company’s interactions with customers and potential customers. The goal is simple: Improve business relationships. By using EXEControl’s integrated email, phone, texting, and faxing features, the system helps companies to stay connected with customers, to streamline processes, and to improve profitability.

Track every interaction in one place so whenever you communicate with your customers, you have all of their details in front you. You can quickly and easily pick-up the conversation where you – or anyone else in your company – left off. Your customers are important to you, make sure they feel that way!


New and Noteworthy in EXEControl – Presented by: Michelle McKenzie


Every year EXEControl Global Solutions adds about half a million dollars in new development to the EXEControl software. Come and learn what has been added since our last user conference.


Lunch: 12:00 – 1:30


EXEControl Opening New Opportunities – Presented by: Allan Robison


Session Three: 1:30 – 2:30


Peace of Mind: Disaster Recovery and Cloud Storage – Presented by: James Segretto & Robert Soucek


In this session we will take a plunge into the exciting world of business continuity and backup recovery. Learn how to minimize the impact of a disaster on your company’s Information Technology Infrastructure. Learn the benefits of moving to cloud\remote storage for your company data. See how having a backup plan can save you time and money.


General Ledger: The Heart of Accounting – Presented by: Jonathan Sternfeld


Take a deep dive into the EXEControl General Ledger module. Learn about account structure and usage flags, then see what menu options are available. Get creative with user-defined reporting, then reduce your work load by defining recurring General Journal entries.


Introducing D3 with mvBase – Presented by: Todd Hess


EXEControl Global Solutions has spent the last two years working with Rocket Software to bring the best features of mvBase to Rocket’s D3 database. For the first time ever, clients do not have to choose between mvBase’s powerful workstation tools and D3’s open database connectivity. This session will discuss what we have been working on, what Rocket Software now offers, and how you can take advantage of the new D3 with mvBase enhancements.


Refreshment & Snack Break: 2:30 – 3:00



Session Four: 3:00 – 4:00


Email Management & Security – Presented by: Joseph Gaither & Matthew Lucas


Are you getting the most out of Outlook and the many features it provides? Are you protecting your email as you access it from so many devices? Do you have a method to store emails long-term without having 50,000+ emails in your inbox or deleted folder? During this workshop we will address these questions as well as explore best practices for email management and security.


EXEControl in 2020 – Presented by: Allan Robison


The 2019 User Conference is centered around all the new tools and applications that have been made available to the EXEControl Community. While you now have many new features and opportunities to take advantage of, there is never a lack of new objectives for the EXEControl system. This workshop will be a bi-directional discussion of what is next for EXEControl and the supporting services that come with it.


Unlocking D3: Report Writing & Other Interfaces – Presented by: Paul Flanders


This workshop will explore some of the many ways moving to D3 opens doors for using third-party applications and tools. Whether your needs are report writing, business intelligence, or third-party application integration, there are tools available in D3 to make the connection. We will take some off-the-shelf products and put them through the test.


It was quite informative. I learned a lot about Accuterm and options.

2013 User Conference Attendee