50 YEARS!!! Let’s Volunteer!!! 

Much has changed in the world of computing in the last 50 years. We at EXEControl Global Solutions are excited to share our 50th anniversary withGroup shot the community that has supported us for half a century. We have begun to celebrate in a manner opposite to tradition. Birthdays and anniversaries usually bring an abundance of gifts and well wishes. Instead, we at EXEControl Global Solutions have chosen to give back to that generous community through 50 acts of volunteer service.

Our staff have each received 12 hours of VTO: Volunteer Time Off.  PTO, we all know, stands for “Paid Time Off.” These days can be used in case of sickness, appointments, vacations, etc.  VTO days have been added to each employee’s account. Each employee can use these paid hours to assist at their organization of choice. Our goal is to impact 50 different organizations during 2017, our 50th year doing business in the Capital Region of New York State and beyond. It’s our way of saying, “Thank you!” We will be posting pictures of the volunteer work at www.execontrol.com/50th-anniversary . The site is regularly updating, so please follow along as we reach our goal. Should you have any volunteer ideas, we would love to hear them at vto@execontrol.com.