What can I expect?

Our Tried and Tested Process:

If you decide to work with EXEControl Global Solutions’ VoIP service, this is what you can expect from your VoIP implementation.

Step One: Analysis of Existing System

The first step toward setting up a new VoIP system is to meet with your power users. These are the people who are most involved with handling calls, especially those who are transferring calls between users. We want to hear from them. Together, we will go through a list of questions about the features and functionality of your existing system. This allows us to recommend a solution that not only has the feature set you are looking for, but also functions in a manner that your users are already comfortable and familiar with.

Step Two: Network Analysis

Prior to installing a system, we will run a series of network tests to determine if your network is of sufficient quality for VoIP. If it is not, but you are paying for a connection that should be, we will work with your ISP to be sure you are getting the quality of connection that you are paying for.

Step Three: Work with Your ISP

After performing our initial testing, we will work with your ISP to ensure the settings and filters on your modem are configured properly for the highest quality VoIP connections.

Step Four: Physical Install

Our unique, transparent installation method with VLAN separation allows the installation to be conducted with minimal configuration changes to your network. The whole system should be effectively invisible to the rest of your network.

Step Five: Porting of Numbers

Using our tried and tested method, we ensure zero down time during the transition from one system to the next.

How long will it take once you begin the process?

This depends on the size of your location and the complexity of your phone system upgrade. Once the contract is signed, it can take as little as two weeks or as long as three months, depending on your specific needs.

Working with EXEControl Global Solutions is made easy, because we provide you with:

  • A skilled team of knowledgeable and experienced individuals, who will offer customized, personal solutions and support. You will never have to figure this out alone.
  • Technology verification through our pre-QoS testing.
  • An advocate who will work on your behalf, such as advocating for your needs with your ISP if necessary.
  • Unique feature sets, to give you the tools your business needs.
  • Zero down time, as our team efficiently sets up your VoIP service, without impacting the rest of your network.
  • Potentially a lower cost, through a monthly subscription-based service.
  • Protected investments, through the ability to purchase your devices from any manufacturer, and use those devices with any VoIP provider.

We here at EXEControl Global Solutions would like to earn your business. Please call us at 800-393-2875, email us at phones@execontrol.com, or fill out the Questionnaire under “Take the Next Step,” to start the process.