Michelle McKenzieTwenty years, hundreds of clients, and thousands of technological developments later, Michelle McKenzie has found her home in the midst of an ever-evolving world. This year, in celebration of Michelle’s anniversary with EXEControl, we asked her to reflect on the past two decades, sharing the things she’s seen and learned.

EXEControl: Michelle, congratulations on reaching your 20th anniversary of working for EXEControl Global Solutions! What is it that has kept you at this company for two decades?

Michelle: Thank you! I’m thrilled to have found a company that I could work at for twenty years and still feel challenged and valued. I think that I learn something new every day. That’s largely due to the wealth of features in EXEControl and the continual enhancements that are added to meet evolving business needs. On top of that, I still get to do the things I enjoy: program and consult with clients. So, overall, it would probably be the diversity of tasks and the sense of community that has kept me here.

EXEControl: I am sure you have seen and experienced many changes throughout these years. What has been the most surprising innovation you’ve seen in technology over the past two decades? And how has that development impacted your everyday life as Director of Support Services?

Michelle: There is a large demand for communication and data availability with outside programs. This can take many forms, such as connecting to the system on a smart phone, using EDI, faxing and email to send documents and exporting data to SQL databases for website integration.

Years ago, EXEControl was much more self-contained. We wrote reports that had the information in the exact format that the clients wanted. Now, we create centers that have most data that a client might want and they can export all that data to external programs, such as Excel, and manipulate it themselves. This allows us to continue focusing on enhancements to the core features of EXEControl and also empowers our clients to take a more active role in using the system’s data for the analysis that matters to them.

EXEControl: If you had to pick one favorite (or most amusing) memory out of all your time working for this company, what memory would that be?

Michelle: There are lots of memories after 20 years, both of people who worked for EXEControl and of our clients. I’m not sure I have a favorite memory, although I have many happy ones.

One of the most touching moments has to be when the office threw a surprise baby shower for me. I honestly was surprised to go into a staff meeting to find that it was really a baby shower. At the time, there was only one other woman in the office and the rest were men, so I never expected it. Even the young bachelors had gone shopping and found gifts for my soon-to-be son. Some clients sent gifts when my son was born too. I’m not sure that would happen at anywhere except EXEControl. It’s a very special memory.

EXEControl: Michelle, as someone who knows and lives the values of this company, what advice would you give to new employees and/or customers of EXEControl Global Solutions?

Michelle: The entire EXEControl community is like an extended family. I have come to personally know many of our clients’ employees. It’s a nice dynamic because most software companies are quite removed from their users but we can recognize many by voice when they call. Integrity is one of our corporate goals, and I think that shines through in our partnerships. If the business relationship is as important as the software, then EXEControl is an excellent choice.

Michelle, thank you for your dedication and excellence over these twenty years of service. We look forward to sharing many more memories with you!