2017 – Building a Stronger Team

Three new managers and three new employees

According to Allan Robison, President of EXEControl Global Solutions, one of the most significant events of 2017 was the strengthening of our internal team (staff). “EXEControl Global Solutions is continuing to realize growth in clients, products, and services. In order to continue to provide the quality of service our clients have come to expect, we have had to invest in elevating our internal skill sets and management structure.”

EXEControl has introduced a new tier to the internal management team. Prior to 2017, EXEControl Global Solutions had two levels, Directors and Staff. In 2017, EXEControl Global Solutions introduced a third level. Our management structure now is comprised of Directors, Managers, and Staff. This added level has allowed EXEControl Global Solutions to better support the multi-facetted and growing products and services.

The following EXEControl Global Solutions managers are listed in alphabetical order:

Three new Managers

Mark DiPofi, Regional Operations Manager

Mark DiPofi

Mark DiPofi, Regional Operations Manager – EXEControl Global Solutions has had at least one full time employee in Charlotte, North Carolina for eight years. EXEControl Global Solutions decided that it is time to have a manager for that region with the responsibility of helping establish activities necessary to introduce greater growth to the region. Mark brings 15 years of IT experience to this position. “I have never taken on a role as audacious as this role but I am looking forward to making the name ‘EXEControl Global Solutions’ a statement of quality to the Charlotte region,” declared Mark.

Craig Kimbrough, Manager of Networking Services

Craig Kimbrough

Craig Kimbrough, Manager of Networking Services – Craig brings 12 years of experience in a vital role of ensuring that our client networking needs and projects are resolved in a timely fashion. When asking Craig about his biggest challenges, Craig replied, “My biggest challenge is that technology changes very quickly. We need to be at the head of technology. Solutions change and we need to change with them. My first priority is keeping our client systems secure, reliable, and fast. Sometimes this delays resolution to a specific network issue. It is tempting to just put a Band-Aid on the solution, and sometimes necessary, but our focus is on the long-term safety of our clients’ networks.”

Jennifer Mazzariello, Office Manager

Jennifer Mazzariello

Jennifer Mazzariello, Office Manager – Jennifer, a 12 year veteran of EXEControl Global Solutions, has been assigned with managing all of the internal day-to-day tasks necessary for keeping the company running smoothly and focused on the happiness of our customers. These tasks include accounting, payroll, purchasing, security, compliance, and event management. When asking Jennifer what consumes most of her time, Jennifer responded, “To do my job well, I must ensure that all T’s are crossed and all I’s are dotted. A good example is compliance. There is no end to the amount of detail required to keep our company compliant with the State, Federal & Government.  Our internal standards far exceed many of the standard requirements. We want, and expect, to be the very best IT service company for our customers.”

Three new employees

To support our customers better, we also needed to add additional staffing. EXEControl Global Solutions is honored to introduce our three new hires for 2017. EXEControl Global Solutions looks forward to seeing their careers continue to advance as new members of the EXEControl Community.

Paul Flanders, ERP Support Specialist

Paul Flanders, ERP Support Specialist

Joseph Gaither, Network Specialist

Joseph Gaither, Network Specialist

James Segretto, Network Specialist

James Segretto, Network Specialist