The following is a fun read of how one end user was able to use EXEControl’s Cash Balance Center to decide if an email was spam:


I love the new cash balance center


I want to say thanks to EXEControl Global Solutions’ Development staff for the new cash balance center. I used it for the first time today and it was great.


My need was an odd need where I received an email stating there was an issue with our IRS payment. Timing was perfect because we recently made a payment. I was wondering if the email was legitimate or not. The email had a dollar amount displayed and it looked close to what I thought we paid the IRS. To figure out if the email was real, I pulled up the cash balance center, put in the period and transaction date range in question. The center brought up every transaction (in and out) for that specific bank account. I sorted by amount and the amount mentioned was not shown. I sorted by Payee and looked at the IRS payment and confirmed it was for a different amount. Within seconds I was able to confirm the legitimacy of the email.


It is nice when you have a business system that works for you and not against you.


Hats off to all the application developers involved in this new feature!


To learn more about EXEControl’s Cash Balance Center, send emails to or contact our Professional Service team at 518-688-8700 ext. 2