Announcing release of Command Center interactive dashboard.


Command Center, a user definable interactive dashboard for displaying information and accessing EXEControl*, allows the displaying of information in grid, graph, and data point formats. All data is presented within a single informational pane. Command Center also provides tabs to access individual applications within EXEControl, commonly used Windows documents, a library of graphs, and more.

What’s new in release

Release comprises three significant enhancements:command center

  • Command Center pane now automatically scales all information points based upon the size elected by the user. All graphs, grids, and data points expand as the screen/pane expands providing more real estate for detail.
  • Font size used by Command Center may now be selected by the individual user. Command Center allows each user to pre-define three font sizes (small, medium, and large) for easy, rapid changing of font sizes. Each of the three font sizes may be set to any size desired by the user. All font changes are realized instantaneously without the need to log out of and back in to Command Center.
  • Command Center now supports user access to D3, a four dimensional database by Rocket® Software. Command Center has always provided access to users using mvBASE**, another four dimensional database by Rocket Software.


“The ability to size fonts and expand the user pane has been requested by several clients. Making such changes is not as easy as it sounds. During the time frame in which the EXEControl team brainstormed ways to support these features, our Director of Professional Service, Todd Hess, and some of his staff were on a webinar with another company looking at a software presentation. While watching the presentation they asked, ‘Can you make the font a little larger? It is hard to read.’ The answer came back ‘No, sorry,’” said Allan Robison, President and CEO of EXEControl Global Solutions. “This was us when it came to Command Center. I am so glad our software development team has made these extremely useful enhancements. Now every user will be able to use Command Center with the font size and screen/pane size that works best for them.”


For more information regarding Command Center, please download the data sheet and/or contact EXEControl Global Solutions at


* EXEControl is an ERP/CRM business software suite provided by EXEControl Global Solutions.

**The Rocket® mvBase DBMS is a high-performance, multidimensional database engine for transactional applications.