On June 1st, Daulton Mysliwiec started working as a network specialist for EXEControl Global Solutions. We are excited to have Daulton join the EXEControl team. Daulton provided us with an interview to help the EXEControl community get to know a little more about him. 

Daulton describes himself as a laidback easy-going person who is easily able to deal with problems and surprises. When asked why he was excited to work at EXEControl, he said, “I am excited about working with the different clients and seeing how all the different systems are set up.” He is looking forward to using the information he learned through both his education and previous employment to help benefit the clients of EXEControl 

Daulton was drawn to the position after interviewing and hearing about the EXEControl atmosphere. The biggest factor for his choosing EXEControl was that it is an MSP (Managed Service Provider). He wanted to be able to work with a variety of clients on each of their unique computer systems. Daulton said, “I knew that I would be able to take what I had learned in a single environment and see how it applied to . . . different clients and different companies.” For this reason, Daulton chose EXEControl. So far, Daulton has been impressed by the work environment at EXEControl. He said, “Everybody working here seems nice and easy going. Good people.”

In addition to his reasons for joining EXEControl, Daulton let us know a little bit about who he is outside of work. Daulton obtained a bachelor’s degree in music industry before going back to school and earning a master’s in computer science. He has not given up on the music dream, though. He continues to record and produce music. In addition to producing music, Daulton plays the trumpet. When he is not working on music projects, Daulton enjoys playing video games with his brothers and sister. 

Daulton said that if he could only have one meal for the rest of his life, he would eat pizza provided it did not affect his health. He chose this meal because there is a wide variety of flavors and who dislikes pizza?! If he was stranded on a deserted island, but all his human needs were taken care of, he would bring with him his trumpet and iPad.  

We are glad that Daulton chose EXEControl because he makes an excellent addition to our team. We hope this helped you get to know him a little better. When you see Daulton around make sure to say hi and welcome him to the EXEControl team.

 EXEControl’s New Network Specialist Daulton Mysliwiec