It is great when clients communicate internet scams with the EXEControl Community.


Recently we received an email from an EXEControl Community Member who is consulting within the healthcare industry. The healthcare provider he is consulting with found that a scam organization created another website with almost the same domain name but just one subtle difference. The scammers put a hyphen, ‘-‘, in the domain name. Other than that lone hyphen, the site name was the same. When going to the site it looks the same as the real site. Unaware customers then can click on links that will capture confidential information such as credit card information.


In this particular case, this healthcare provider was able to get the site shutdown, once they became aware of the situation. However, the scammers then set up a new site targeting another healthcare provider’s site. This is a great reminder to always be on the alert when dealing with your own personal information, especially if you are on the internet.


Thanks Tom P. for your email!