If you have reports that no longer display nicely in Outlook, it might not be your eyes. Microsoft made a change to Outlook 2010 (and possible in 2007 as well – not verified) where they are now using Word as their email reader. This change has caused commands that used to work in the past, such as the pre (preformatted text – do not wrap), to no longer work because they are not supported in Word’s HTML reader. A SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) has been written that outlines two options for addressing this issue: 1) ability to have a single click in Outlook to view report emails in browser mode giving back the report formatting and 2) changing reports to column based reports which are supported within Word’s HTML reader. Should you need assistance with your email reports, please contact our support department and they can get you a copy of the SOP and work with you to resolve your specific email report issues.