Chris McCoy is EXEControl Global Solutions Employee of the Month for the Month of April. Chris started with EXEControl Global Solutions in October of 2018, after graduating from Siena College. He is one of EXEControl Global Solutions newest Software Engineers. Chris has added a tremendous amount of value to the EXEControl Software Department and we are glad to have him part of our team!

We spoke with Chris recently about his time at EXEControl Global Solutions and to learn more about him on a personal level.

Chris was asked to describe EXEControl Global Solutions as a company. His response was: professional, collaborative, and transparent. Chris began to explain that “We (EXEControl Global Solutions) are an experienced and accomplished group, who put great pride in our work. The level of camaraderie within the company is high. We all enjoy working together as a team, and seeing the company succeed. We are open and honest with our clients, and each other, which helps support and build trusting relationships.” This type of work environment is one of the reasons Chris likes working for EXEControl Global Solutions.  He shared that, “The variety of people I work with and the projects I work on would be what I enjoy most about my job. I work with so many great clients and co-workers on various software solutions, which makes each day fun and engaging. I also really enjoy being able to support clients and develop pieces of software that can make their job easier or more efficient.”

The multitasking requirement of Chris’ position at EXEControl Global Solutions is what he personally feels is the most challenging aspect of his job. Over the years he feels that working at EXEControl Global Solutions has helped him discover more efficient ways to handle this task. He feels that with the amount of documentation and teamwork within the company, it has made this become very manageable. Chris noted that, “a major career lesson I’ve learned is that you’re never truly done learning.  Even when you think you’ve mastered something, there’s always a different perspective to see and more knowledge to gain”.

Throughout the year, EXEControl Global Solutions tries to incorporate special events for the staff. A time where everyone can unwind and socialize.  Chris expressed that those events have become his favorite experiences while working at EXEControl Global Solutions. “From bowling, hibachi, countless pizza parties, birthday events and spending time at the Saratoga Racetrack, I’ve enjoyed them all. Not enough companies do these kinds of things for their employees. It shows how much EXEControl Global Solutions cares about their staff”.

When Chris isn’t helping clients, or working on our web applications, you could find him hiking, traveling, or spending time with friends and family.  Chris shared with us that one of his life highlights was when he hiked nearly 18 miles, with a 4,734-foot elevation, through snow and ice, to the top of one of the highest peaks in the Adirondack Mountains. He has been lucky enough to also travel to the beautiful countries of his ancestors, Italy and Ireland.

We wrapped up our conversation with Chris sharing an inspiring quote he likes to live by. “This too shall pass”. Chris explained; “while many people think of this quote as only helpful during challenging times, it is also a reminder to appreciate positive times and to live in the moment”. With that said, if anyone is living in the moment these days and needs a last-minute ordained minister, Chris should be your first call! Surprisingly, he became ordained back in December of 2019, to officiate his sister’s wedding! How cool!

Congratulations Chris! Thank you for taking the time to allow us to dig a little deeper into your world.  We enjoy working with you and look forward to sharing many more events together!

Chris McCoy Employee of month