Service: Service Support/Customer Service

EXEControl provides many tools to ensure customer satisfaction throughout the entire process. Besides our complete CRM toolset, discussed elsewhere, EXEControl provides tools such as the following to maintain customer service levels:

Invoicing Center Faxes, Emails or Prints Bills

Individual customers may be set up to receive their invoices via fax, email or via the postal service.

Processing Center Keeps Customers in Touch

EXEControl’s customer communications center sends past due notices, contract renewal notices, service reminders, announcements, etc. It also manages global rate adjustments.

EXEControl is the best system out there today. I don’t know of another package that can do the job. It’s the most advanced system available for fabricators, service centers and companies that have multiple operations. The software has been rock solid. We handle 200 orders and ship 200,000 pounds of steel a day. We can’t afford to be down, and we haven’t been.

P. Hess

Steel Service Center