Service: Service Contract Agreements

EXEControl provides all the tools necessary to manage service, support, warranty and any other type of contracts. These features include:

Recurring Billing

EXEControl supports recurring billing of various services to customers on any billing interval, including weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual cycles. A given customer may be billed for different services on different cycles if necessary. Analysis tools to monitor patterns and discrepancies are available from within EXEControl program suite.

Deferred Revenue Recognition

EXEControl system provides the option of automatically apportioning recurring revenue to the general ledger in the period in which it is earned, not billed. The un-posted portion is accumulated in a liability account. A report is provided to reconcile the general ledger to the customer invoicing.

Dealer Invoicing

Some service companies provide their services for a group of dealers as well as to their own customers. EXEControl maintains individual billing records for each end user but consolidates them into a single batch invoice to the dealer, which includes an attached subscriber list. The accounts receivable aging report may be sorted by dealer to aid in the collection process.

Automatic First Billing

When a new service contract is set up, EXEControl will generate the first bill immediately, including a prorated calculation to bring new contracts to the first of the month, regardless of the actual on-line date. This aids in getting bills out quickly and gives the user a chance to review the actual billing immediately to ensure that all information was recorded correctly on the service contract.

Automatic Write-Offs for Cancelled Customers

When a customer cancels service, EXEControl provides the ability to automatically write-off all outstanding invoices in a single step.

Automatic Credit Card Processing

EXEControl accepts credit card payments for any invoice, performing all required electronic communications with the credit card company. Individual customers may also be set up to have their credit card automatically charged for recurring invoices.

Situations change all the time. To meet our own needs or those of a vendor (like when a vendor changes parts codes), we frequently need information in new ways. A highly flexible system is key to adapting to that change without going broke. That’s one of the reasons we have been using EXEControl for 16 years.

K. Pogge

Turf Equipment Supplier