Service: Service Center

EXEControl supports the tasks of the service center with a complete call center, dispatch center and technician reporting. Features found in the service center include:

Service Call Tracking

Lists of customer equipment and service contracts are maintained in the customer database. Customer database is fully cross referenced to allow customer to be easily identified based on any piece of information provided during the call. Once customer is identified, a list of equipment and service contracts is furnished to the operator (along with an optional display of prior service calls) from which they can select the piece of equipment requiring attention. The call may be assigned immediately. The ticket information may be sent via text message to a technician for immediate attention or queued for scheduling with the interactive scheduler. Directions to customer sites are maintained in the database for easy recall and adjustment.

Service Scheduling/Dispatching

An interactive scheduler provides visibility to the entire service schedule. All service entries can be made directly from the scheduler. Schedules can be maintained by route, technician, technician group, truck, etc.

Service Billing

Time and materials may be applied to service tickets in a number of ways and at various points in the process. When the ticket is completed, service billing policies, including minimum billing and alternate incremental rates, surcharges, warranties, etc. are applied and an accounts receivable invoice is generated automatically. A pre-billing summary is shown in advance to the operator closing the call allowing manual adjustments to be made.

Bar-Coded Inventory

EXEControl produces peel-off barcode labels for parts and equipment inventories. Technicians can simply peel the label from parts used and stick it on the service ticket for rapid recording of parts used for inventory and billing purposes back at the office.

Warranty Tracking

Warranty work is classified and tracked to ensure that proper payment is eventually received from the vendor and cost analysis reports reflect the true cost/profit for warranty jobs.

Routine Service/Maintenance Jobs

EXEControl will automatically generate service tickets at specified intervals with stored instructions and directions. Recurring service tickets may be scheduled using the interactive scheduler in the same manner as normal service calls.

The impact of EXEControl on our operations has been extraordinary. Across all divisions, financial control is just marvelous. We can run profit and loss statements at any point in the month and know where we are.

J. Graves

Landscaping and Nursery Center