Service: Executive Control

As one might assume, EXEControl provides many reporting and analysis tools to corporate executives to manage the business. Some of these tools made available specifically for service companies include:

Rate Change Audit Tracking

EXEControl tracks changes in individual customer billing plans, supporting full reconciliation of changes in aggregate monthly rate.

Revenue and Billing Projections

EXEControl provides twelve month summary revenue and billing projections based on individual customer billing schedules. Projections may be summarized by customer type or billing code. A discrepancy report is also provided which highlights differences between actual billing and customer billing schedules.

Cost Tracking on All Jobs

EXEControl provides a facility for recording job pricing and cost estimates, then collects all costs related to each job, including equipment, parts, labor, subcontractors and miscellaneous expenses. EXEControl provides summary and detail job cost and status reports. Jobs are integrated into the service scheduling utility to allow technicians to perform any job functions.

Commission Tracking

EXEControl calculates and reports commissions due to sales people based upon actual customer payments.

Rate at Risk Reporting

EXEControl highlights monthly rate that is in jeopardy due to customer late or non-payment, allowing for educated adjustments to billing projections as well as preemptive collection activities.

The most compelling feature of EXEControl is the ability to generate the kinds of reports that are most useful to our business. Any kind of report that we want, we can generate almost immediately. The system is extremely flexible.

C. Fisk

Map Producer and Distributor