EXEControl Global Solutions is dedicated to the success of service companies. EXEControl Service software has a number of features and capabilities that give our customers a competitive edge. Below is a list of some of these features:

Service Center

EXEControl supports the tasks of the service center with a complete call center, dispatch center and technician reporting. Features found in the service center include:

Contract Agreements

EXEControl provides the tools necessary to manage service, support, warranty and other types of contracts. Additional service tools include:

Customer Service

EXEControl provides many tools to ensure customer satisfaction throughout the entire process. Besides our complete CRM toolset, discussed elsewhere, EXEControl provides tools such as the following to maintain customer service levels:

Executive Control

As one might assume, EXEControl provides many reporting and analysis tools to corporate executives. Some of these tools made available specifically for service companies include:

Back Office Features

EXEControl Service maintains a complete suite of ‘back office’ modules which include features such as:


One research study suggested that the number one reason why people stop doing business with a particular company is that they feel their business is no longer important to that company. In service the challenge is to build the commitment level with your customers while controlling the time spent on non-billable work. EXEControl can help. With EXEControl you can improve customer retention while increasing your level of new customer contracts.



EXEControl Service Datasheet
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I know immediately where each technician is and can judge the amount of time that is needed for each job. Previously, to track a customer I had to go to a file or index cards or check invoices.

P. Mastroianni

Pest Control Company