Retail: POS Equipment Supported

Cash Drawers

cash drawers

EXEControl supports the use of integrated cash drawers. Upon the printing of the cash receipt or at any other event where desired, EXEControl will send the appropriate command to automatically open the cash drawer.

Receipt Printers

receipt printerreceipt printer

EXEControl supports a variety of receipt printers. For low cost solutions, EXEControl supports use of dot matrix receipt printers. Higher-end solutions use thermal receipt printers, which are capable of printing corporate logos and signatures.

Invoice and Contract Printers

laser printers

EXEControl supports the use of laser and dot matrix printers. Standard 8 ½” x11″ printers may be used to print invoices and or sales contracts. When using dot matrix printers, multi-copy forms may be used. Special multi-page printing technology is used for those users who need multi-part forms through a laser printer.

Credit Card Readers

credit card reader

Just about any credit card reader may be used including the ones built directly onto the keyboard. Those readers that utilize keyboard wedge technology may be used within EXEControl with no further configuration.

Barcode/UPC Readers

scan gun

Just about any barcode/UPC reader may be used. Those readers that utilize keyboard wedge technology may be used within EXEControl with no further configuration.

Signature Capture Pads

signature pad

A signature capture pad is a flat panel and pointing device that looks like a pen. Upon completion of a sale, EXEControl is able to capture the signature of the customer electronically using one of these devices. The most common use is to capture a signature for credit card transactions; however, it could also be used for other purposes such as proof of pick up or contract agreement. When integrated with a graphical thermal receipt printer, EXEControl is able to print the signature on the customer receipt. A copy of the receipt along with the signature is stored for the ability to reprint a sales receipt/signature. When reprinting a receipt/signature any accessible windows printer may be used.

Video Capture Cameras

video capture

For high security counter transactions, EXEControl is capable of integrating digital video surveillance cameras with the POS counter. EXEControl sends the details of what is being ‘rung through’ the register, which is then overlaid with the actual ‘film’ footage. This allows for verification of what was actually sold to what the ‘register tape’ says was sold.

Flat Panel and Touch Panel Screens

flat panel

In retail, floor space comes at a high price tag. Every square foot of space used to check customers out is that much less space available for product. EXEControl supports the use of small footprint devices. Flat panel and touch panel screens is just one way EXEControl can give back counter space.