Retail: Back Office

Creation of Bar-Coded Labels

Not all retail stores can rely on all or even most of their products having UPC labels. Lack of a label can slow down the checkout process and increase errors. EXEControl provides simple routines to quickly create barcode labels. The purchase order receipt routine will allow the user to create barcode labels for any and all items being received into the system. The creation of internal barcode labels can also be used to create a consistent barcode label capable of being found on any and all items in the store. When printing barcode labels, most any product information desired may be printed on the label in text and/or barcode format. Available information for the barcode labels includes inventory SKU, serial number, price and product description.

Inventory Management

Every business has inventory, especially retail. For retail companies the level of inventory, SKU selections and price levels make a huge difference to daily sales. EXEControl gives each store and the headquarters the tools necessary to make such decisions.

Full Accounting

EXEControl doesn’t stop at the counter but completes the process by producing full accounting financials. Complete accounts payable and cash disbursements also are integrated within EXEControl.

Customer Retention Programs

Every aspect of EXEControl has been designed to maintain loyal customers. The ‘customer loyalty program’ is an offensive program to preserve and increase your customer base. Quick and simple checkout processes and proper inventory levels can help to ensure a faithful following. EXEControl even supports a complete Retail CRM system to maximize customer satisfaction.

Time Reporting and Payroll

EXEControl supports the payroll tax and state requirements of all 50 states. Electronic time clock allows for hourly employees to get paid without the need for time consuming totaling of time clock records. EXEControl also support the payment of commission and/or consignment sales via the payroll system.

Consolidated Purchasing

EXEControl supports centralized corporate headquarter purchasing for all stores. Cross-store visibility and inventory transfer rules assist in the ability to reduce inventory levels and maximize purchasing power.

Electronic Vendor Communications

EXEControl supports electronic communications with vendors. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and XML are two of the more popular protocols used between retail and vendors. Purchase orders, advance shipping notices, invoicing and disbursement records can all be transmitted electronically.

Document Storage and Retrieval

Document storage and retrieval can be used for many purposes in a retail environment. These include:

  • Scan and association of signed contracts and sales receipts
  • Vendor order packing receipt paper work
  • Vendor invoices
  • General correspondences

EXEControl offers barcode association technology to automatically link scanned documents with their associated computerized business records.

Sales Analysis

EXEControl can produce an unlimited series of sales analysis reports. The reports can be broken down by product line, SKU, salesperson, promotion codes, dollars, units, store, employee, hours and much more. If customer loyalty programs exist and customers (or at least some) are identified as part of the counter transaction, customer purchase patterns may also be analyzed.