EXEControl Retail is a full-featured retail system solution that integrates the following major sections of retail into one:

  • RMS: Retail Management System
  • POS: Point of Sale System
  • Rental Management System

Software Features

Some of the point of sale software features includes:

Back Office Features

Some of the many back office features include:

Equipment Supported

The counter equipment deployed can take on many different forms based upon the customer’s objectives and budget. Some of the equipment available for use with EXEControl POS includes:


Not all POS systems are the same. The following is a true conversation between an EXEControl prospect and an EXEControl customer during a tour of the customer’s facility.

Prospect: “We were told that EXEControl POS could help increase sales. How in the world could a POS system increase sales? Retail is retail right?”

Customer: “Yes, EXEControl definitely has increased sales for us. We have estimated about 35% increase directly from the software and a much higher number when factoring in the non-direct benefits. EXEControl has allowed us to know what to buy, when to buy and when to put on sale. This information has significantly improved sales for our company.”

If you are interested in partnering with a strategic technology provider please give us a call. At EXEControl Global Solutions we have people that understand point of sale and know what must be done to succeed.

With the preferred customer cards, which identify people individually, and the point of sale system, I can tell who is buying what, and I can do data mining and create special offers from that information.

J. Graves

Landscaping and Nusery Center