Rental: Rental Unit Servicing

Servicing of the rental fleet is a key aspect to any rental system. Having the service department ‘on-line’ helps to support many other functions such as determining when the unit might be ready for rental based upon inspection coding and how much is the unit costing to keep in the fleet. EXEControl provides the following features as part of its overall service module solution:

Automated Service Work Order Generation

Whenever a piece of rental equipment is returned from rent, the system can automatically generate a repair work order to be used in the inspection and servicing of the unit. This work order may be automatically printed for use by service technicians. The work order can include a list of required parts, standard service operations and expected times.

Labor Time Tracking

The system provides an electronic time clock to facilitate the automated tracking of time and parts on service work orders. A simple time clock interface collects all information about time spent, parts actually used and the changing status of the item being repaired. The time clock simultaneously supports the service costing function and the payroll function.

Parts Demand and Usage

Required parts listed on the service ticket will place a demand on inventory. Parts actually used may be recorded through either the electronic time clock or separately using the inventory usage transaction function. In either case, the cost of parts used is assigned to the repair work order.

Repair Cost History

Each serialized piece of equipment is kept up to date with an exact record of all repair costs. These may be used to perform accurate ROI analyses.

Before EXEControl, we had four people in accounting, doing billing, paying vendors, and so forth. Today, we have one person in accounting, and we are doing twice the volume that we were back then.

K. Pogge

Turf Equipment Supplier