Rental: Rental Fleet Management

There is just about no greater need to a rental company than the management of their rental fleet. Too much inventory reduces your cash position and burdens the company. Too little inventory turns customers away to your competition. Knowing how much inventory to have, where it is, what it is costing you to maintain and when to sell the units is critical. EXEControl provides the tools necessary to make these decisions. The following features are just some of the features used to support rental fleet management:

Available Unit Displays and Reports

Inventory status displays indicate the number of units at each location and in each status category.

Transfers between Branches

The system supports the processing of equipment transfers, and maintains in-transit inventory for exact movement tracking.

Unit Rental Income Analysis

A rental income analysis report is provided which shows rental income history for a given range of dates. Actual rates charged are compared with standard rates to show true income performance.

Return on Investment Analysis

A return on investment report is provided which takes into account date of acquisition, acquisition cost, interest, repair and depreciation expenses and actual rental income to calculate a true ROI figure for each piece of rental equipment over a specified period of time. This report provides category subtotals to evaluate not only the income performance of individual units but also the overall performance of entire product lines.

Automated Transfers from New Inventory to Rental Fleet

Automated routines are provided to facilitate the transfer of inventory from new into the rental fleet.

I am honored to share with folks about the extreme professionalism of EXEControl Global Solutions’ system and values.  Looking back there are very few relationships that I have had which I value as much as the one that I have had with EXEControl Global Solutions.

J. Ullery

Equipment Rental