Rental: Rental Billing

Billing is one department that should not require large amounts of man-hours. EXEControl allows for the terms of the rental contract to be specified at the time of ordering so that recurring and final rental bills can be automatically generated. Generated invoices may be paid at the rental counter or by check processing within the Accounts Receivable Department. Some of EXEControl’s rental billing features include:

Multiple Rental Term Options

Any number of different rental terms may be used for each rental inventory item, including daily, weekly, bi-weekly and four week rentals. Each item may have its own set of rates and terms.

Separate Date/Time for Billing vs. Actual

The date and time used for billing purposes may be adjusted to be different from the actual date and time of issuance or return. Thus, if a customer terminates rental on a unit that cannot be picked up for a day or two, their turn in date for billing purposes can be recorded as a different date and time than the actual return date.

Usage, Fuel and Damages

The system provides convenient methods for recording and billing fuel and usage beyond the time-oriented rental rates.

Delivery and Pickup Charges

Delivery and pickup charges may be specified on the original order and adjusted at the time of issue, exchange, move or return.

Down Time

Days and corresponding dates of equipment “down time” may be recorded on rental orders. This down time will be automatically credited when rental invoices are generated.

Alternate Rates

Rate changes related to substitutions and exchanges may be recorded with their date of activation. The invoicing program will automatically adjust billing in accordance with these recorded rate changes.

Rental Income History for Individual Units

Rental income for each serialized piece of equipment is specifically tracked for each customer rental. A full rental and income history is automatically maintained for each serialized unit.

I like this system a lot. It is easy to use and it is easy to train people to use it. Aside from our people, it is the heart of our business.

J. Desantis

Fish Distribution Center