Metal Fabrication and Distribution

EXEControl is designed to meet the needs of metal fabricators and distributors including unique features for the tracking of metals inventory.

Metal Plate Tracking

EXEControl allows any inventory item to be tracked by specific identification, such as a lot number, heat number, serial number, etc. The term used within EXEControl for this specific identification is “level”. Every inventory transaction against such items will be tagged with the appropriate level ID. Thus the history of each piece of metal can be traced from the supplier to the end-user. Unique characteristics of each individual plate can be record within the level information.

Exact Dimensions Stored

Because materials, especially metals, come in different forms, EXEControl allows “form definitions” such as “length” or “plate” to be defined and assigned to each inventory item. Each of these forms is assigned any number of “dimensions” (e.g. length, width, thickness, unit weight, special notes, etc.). The exact lengths, widths, and number of pieces desired by the customer may be specified during order entry. These dimensions are then used to automatically calculate exact quantities and the correct price, no manual calculator required.

Sketch and Draw displays

Each specific plate may have unique drawing document(s) associated to the EXEControl record. These documents are saved in a manner which can be displayed at any time during inventory inquiries. This allows specific drop pieces to be easily selected and reserved for shipment by salespeople because they can actually see a picture of the piece.

Unlimited Units of Measure

In most metal distribution and fabrication environments, wide ranges of unit of measure are utilized. EXEControl allows up to five different units of measure to be involved with each transaction. The customer may order by one unit of measure, you may stock that item by another “inventory” unit of measure and you may price the item to the customer by still another unit of measure. On the purchasing side, you may order from your vendor by one unit, and they may price the product to you by still another unit. EXEControl automatically maintains quantities in all of these units, and converts between each of them.

Units of Measure Conversions

Not only does EXEControl convert between units whose relationship is fixed (e.g. KG –> LBS), it also uses formulas to dynamically perform conversions based on specific sizes and densities. One unit of measure that is often used in a metals environment is “piece.” A “piece,” unlike an “each” (which is a full piece), can be any size. EXEControl supports “piece” pricing quite nicely because it knows the exact dimensions of each piece.


EXEControl maintains a complete and highly cross-referenced supplier data base. The user may define up to five categories of information (e.g. “material,” “grade,” “shapes,” and “special processes”). When searching for a supplier, the user specifies the desired values in any or all of these categories and the system searches the data base for suppliers that match.

Work Order Tracking

EXEControl provides a job costing module which tracks exact costs of specific jobs. This module can be used both for small cutting or fabricating jobs as well as for large erection jobs. There is little additional data entry required to keep detailed and accurate job costing because the rest of the system automatically maintains job costs by simply specifying the work order number during input of time clock/time sheet, purchase order, vendor invoice, or inventory relief transactions.

Calculates Added Charges

It is common to bill the customer for a flat additional charge for cutting, burning, or other optional services over and above the price for the material. EXEControl supports this requirement by allowing subroutine calls during order entry that automatically calculate the correct additional charge based on actual information (e.g. number of inches cut, thickness, and type of material) and your own formulas and charts for determining correct pricing. In addition, this charge may be optionally “bundled” into the “piece” price for the item being sold at the discretion of the salesperson.

Supports Markup Pricing

The price of metal is constantly changing. EXEControl avoids a database maintenance nightmare by permitting pricing to be defined via formula or markup percentage. The pricing can be linked to either the average cost of the material or to the current replacement cost. Quantity and volume pricing is also supported, not only for each individual item, but for an entire order. In other words, if the customer is given a discount/markup level based on the total weight of aluminum purchased on an order, the system automatically recalculates pricing based on the entire order when all the individual items have been entered.

Linked Orders

EXEControl simplifies the process of selling items that are not currently stocked in inventory. If the salesperson has purchasing authority, the order entry routine will automatically generate a purchase order for the item being ordered by the customer. “When the item arrives, EXEControl will notify the receiving person that the item is to be directly delivered to a customer rather than to stock, and will allow the shipment to be recorded immediately. System reports are also provided which show the status of specialty orders.

Production of AIA invoices

EXEControl supports the production of AIA invoices for the billing of contract jobs. It also supports the calculation, billing and collection of retainer amounts. Using laser printer technology, both the AIA form and data are printed simultaneously onto plain paper to save form costs and paper loading. Since the AIA form is a copyright for the American Institute of Architects, express written approval needs to be given by the American Institute of Architects prior to using this feature.

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Our business deals with materials that require using different units of measure for purchasing, stocking and sales. EXEControl handles all conversions with ease.

J. Smith

Materials Distributor