EXEControl Global Solutions is pleased to announce several enhanced integrations between Bluestone Telecom VoIP phone system and EXEControl, the flagship ERP/CRM software solution of EXEControl Global Solutions.

Ability to one-click dial from EXEControl: The standard EXEControl feature set now supports one-click dialing through Bluestone Telecom’s VoIP phone system. Any phone number and/or extension may be dialed automatically with a single click. One-click dialing has been added to the central address book. The associated screen displays found in address book look up screens such as customer and vendor contact screens. The one-click dial can also be incorporated as a button on most any screen and/or center application. This allows EXEControl users to activate the one-click dialing from virtually anywhere in the EXEControl system.

Automated pulling of call logs: EXEControl has been enhanced to support the pulling of daily call logs from Bluestone Telecom’s VoIP phone system. This feature aids in providing:

  • Long-term storage and retrieval of call records within your multi-valued database
  • Access to phone history with standard EXEControl search and filter logic
  • Integration of call history with CRM activity logs to note when customers have been contacted or have called into your organization
  • Integrated listening to call recordings while maintaining standard EXEControl security controls


To learn more about Bluestone Telecom and EXEControl integration, please contact EXEControl Global Solutions’ sales team at sales@execontrol.com or 800-393-2875.