April Fresh Cleaning has been keeping EXEControl a safe and healthy work environment for the past eight years. During the recent global pandemic, April Fresh Cleaning has done everything possible to keep EXEControl employees healthy. April Fresh provided EXEControl with an interview to showcase their methods of combating COVID-19.

April says, “April Fresh Cleaning is a 21 year-old Janitorial company, focusing on detailed cleaning of offices, real estate, carpet cleaning and floor care, and we are gradually getting into Water Damage and Disaster Restoration.  We pride ourselves on our quality and attention to detail.”

In response to COVID-19, April Fresh Cleaning has changed the products they use to clean the office. April Fresh has switched to using natural disinfectants that are qualified by the EPA for COVID-19. In addition, April notes, “We’ve doubled the number of visits to the office, and we’ve left bottles of disinfectant in the office for staff to use when we aren’t around.  We’ve replaced the filters on our vacuums and clean them more often.  Our microfiber cloths are used once and then laundered, so there is no cross contamination anywhere.”

The biggest difference between April Fresh Cleaning and other cleaning companies is that April Fresh, the president of the company, works with her staff as a cleaner. April says, “Cleaning is hard work.  It’s hard on our bodies and I don’t ever want to forget that.  I never want to treat my staff as ‘just cleaners’.  We are more than that.  We are protectors of health.” It is evident that April Fresh Cleaning treats their employees well.

April Fresh is in the process of buying a new building. One of the requirements for the building is that it must have space available for an April Fresh Garden. April shares, “This way, my staff has access to free, organic vegetables to keep them healthy.  My goal is to keep my staff happy and healthy, and they in turn, will help keep our clients happy and healthy.  We are a big team and we focus on quality cleaning.” Additionally, April Fresh is a NYS Woman-Owned Business and is section 3 certified, meaning they employ people from lower income levels.

April Fresh has been cleaning for most of her life. Although she never expected it to turn into a career, she knows she is in the right vocation. She can scan a room and automatically notice signs of cleanliness or lack thereof. Her goal is to “help people see that “Clean” is for health, not just to look pretty.” If you need help keeping your office clean, EXEControl recommends contacting April Fresh Cleaning. They will do everything in their power to keep you and your employees healthy.April Fresh Cleaning Van