It was Wednesday, June 1, 2016 and I happened to come in early. As president of EXEControl Global Solutions, I was looking forward to some quite time to get started on my backlog of work. As I walked into the office, I had not yet gotten to my office when I noticed our help desk phone line was ringing. Stopping at a desk along the path to my office, I picked up the ringing phone to be greeted by another president. This president’s company uses our software and networking services and he was having problems connecting to their system. Understanding, that this person was doing the same thing I was doing and trying to get through his stack of work prior to the hustle and bustle of the day, I halted my own work and told him that I would look into his issue and get him up and running. Based upon the time of day, I found a network technician that was in route to our office, yet only a few minutes away from the customer’s office. One simple cell phone call and we had someone in route to the client’s office. The technician also informed me that due to some Windows changes, the client’s password database became corrupted and all users had their passwords reset with default passwords. I called the president back and got him up and running. The technician continued to the client’s office to assist the president and other users as they arrived.


When I finally got to my desk, I was greeted by an email from the CIO of another client. This client uses our company to provide database support for their third-party ERP package. The email title read “Need Help”. The client had been sold from one large corporation to another large corporation. During the IT migration process, their heavily used internet-based customer portal became unreliable. About 70% of the time the customer’s request would be completed and 30% of the time it would never respond back. The email said “it’s outside the normal range of support” that EXEControl Global Solutions provides to this company but they “have run out of ideas.” The email was addressed to me because he was asking a favor. He wanted us to drop everything and work with their team to come up with a solution. They wanted help immediately since customers were getting annoyed. I immediately called the customer back and assembled a team of three people to work with the customer. While the effort took several hours to walk through the necessary diagnostics and to determine the issue, our team was able to put together a short-term immediate fix so that their customers once again experienced 100% success rate with the site and our team provided their team directions on next steps needed for a long-term solution.


As I sat in the room assisting the client with their customer portal issue, one of our network technicians came into the room to announce that another customer called because there was a water main break in their building and the room with all of their computer equipment is flooding, the town is mandating an evacuation of the premise and they need to keep business going. This customer uses EXEControl Global Solutions for Managed Services (managing their entire IT network and for their phone needs.) They asked if we could send someone on-site to assist with a move to a temporary location. Again, we assembled a team of two technicians to work with the client to assist.


Still in the same meeting, an independent consultant arrived at our office to perform some data entry work for a client. We got her set up at another work location and got her going on the project.


As I finally got to my desk at 2:00pm, I reflected. This is one of the many reasons why our customers join the EXEControl Community and why they stay for decades. Every customer that requested help that day was given our attention as if their crisis was the only crisis. Our schedules were getting turned upside down and lots of juggling of tasks was going on behind the scenes, but the customers never saw it. They just saw friendly staff working hard to resolve their problems.


To the staff at EXEControl Global Solutions, I say thank you. Another day well done.


-Allan Robison, CPIM

President & CEO

EXEControl Global Solutions


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