Business Software Track 2

Seamless Integration of EXEControl and Microsoft Office – Presented by: Todd Hess and Chris Wolcz, 8:45 am

What if you could come into your office in the morning and have your Excel sales reports already waiting for you, complete with up-to-date EXEControl data, graphs and formatting? We have good news: You can! If you simply design the template in Excel, EXEControl will do the rest. Our new product – EXECoffice – provides that capability via two-way seamless automated communications with Excel and Word. Come find out how this new technology can be used for your forms, reports, data entry, and more!

EMV chips and taking credit cards – Presented by: Jeff King of Merchant Services and Chris Wolcz, 11:15 am

Accepting credit cards used to concern only retail operations, but today credit cards are the payment method of choice for businesses of all sizes. How do the new EMV rules affect you? Can you limit your liability while also limiting your fees? What is the best way to store credit card numbers for recurring charges? Whether you have dozens of pin pads or are just toying with the idea of accepting credit cards, this session will provide valuable insights.

What’s New in EXEControl? – Presented by: Michelle McKenzie, 1:30 pm

Every year EXEControl Global Solutions adds about half a million dollars in new development to the EXEControl software. Come and learn what has been added since our last user conference.

Cloud 101- Presented by Dave McCary of Zumasys, Inc., 2:30 pm

Come and learn from the largest multi-value cloud hosting company. Covering the basics of cloud solutions, you will learn the pros and cons of cloud computing in a simple, easy-to-understand way. Whether you are looking at the basics of data backup, looking at medium solutions such as your email and anti-virus, or looking to move your entire operations to the cloud, Zumasys has answers.

Having already assisted numerous companies make the leap to the cloud, Zumasys will give you time to ask your questions. Learn how to start, what areas of your business to start with, pitfalls to avoid, where to turn for hosting, how much to expect to spend for such services, and what hard and software savings off-set the increase costs.

Cloud provides significant benefits to companies of all sizes, which is why so many companies are turning to the cloud. Find out if you should be one of those companies.

Query Builder – Presented by: Todd Hess, 3:45 pm

Would you like to create your own sales reports, production centers, or inventory valuation reports? This session will explore creating queries like these using the EXEControl Access Builder. This tool can be used to created ad-hoc queries, reports, and centers. These queries can be for one-time use, saved for repeated use, or deployed to menus for general access. Whether you are just getting started or looking to learn some tips and tricks about Access Builder, this session is for you.